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Play the Best Online Roulette Games in India

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games today. Roulette games are quite easy to understand once you understand the standard version, and you can win big when you play with real cash. 

In this online roulette guide, we explore all the possibilities for the best experience when you play online. This includes how to get the best online roulette casino in India, and the different roulette variants online today.

What is online roulette?

Online Roulette is the version of a roulette game being played on the internet. All variations of the game are available and the freedom of the internet has even allowed the invention of new roulette games that are unique to the internet casinos.

Play Roulette Online

When you play roulette online, the rules are the same with a land-based casino, however, there are differences. Keep reading to find out in this ultimate online roulette guide.

Play Mobile Roulette

Online casinos took us from not needing to go to a brick-and-mortar casino to enjoy a game. Now,  a mobile roulette app has taken it further and will let you play anywhere, anytime!

play online roulette games

Best Roulette Casinos Sites To Play In India

How to Play Roulette Online in India?

Learning how to play roulette at an online roulette casino in India is not a difficult task. But it is important that you do it right. Let’s take a look at the 7 steps to enjoy betting on the roulette wheel:

What Rules Should be Followed While Playing Roulette Online?

The rules of roulette may vary from one variation to another. You can have a taste of as many roulette variations as possible when you register at the best roulette casinos. Now, below are the rules that apply to all online roulette variations.

Roulette Bets

  • Bets are represented by chips.
  • You can click on a chip and click on the portion that you want to bet on to place a bet
  • Each online roulette variation has a minimum amount that you cannot go below, and a maximum amount that you cannot go above.
  • There is a time period, usually around half a minute where you’re allowed to place bets on roulette.

Roulette Wheel

  • The wheel is divided into pockets by numbers and colours.
  • Depending on the roulette variation, the numbers may be from 0 to 36 in 37-pocket roulette games. There are others like American Roulette which has 38 pockets numbered from 0 to 36 with an extra “00” pocket.
  • There are three colours in roulette – red, black, and green. The “0” and “00” in every variation is coloured green, while the rest of the numbers are divided equally on a red and a black side.

Best Roulette Strategies To Win Real Money

It is important to play online roulette with a Roulette strategy. Not doing so would be groping in the dark and trying to avoid hits from losing streaks. Here are the three most popular betting strategies that will help you maximise the effect of wins and minimise the effect of losses.

D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy requires that you make an even-money bet, which could be red or black, high or low, and even or odd. This is because they have an almost 50% chance of winning. Start with a betting unit, increase it by a unit when you lose, then decrease by a unit when you win. This strategy is not favourable when you hit a long losing streak as it takes some time to build profit.

Martingale Strategy

Like D’Alembert, Martingale uses even-money bets and even increases betting units with losses and reduces it with wins. But unlike D’Alembert, Martingale requires that you start with a unit, double it when you lose, and return to the unit when you finally win. This strategy will win you profits much quicker and larger than D’Alembert, however, a long losing streak will make you hit the maximum betting limit in the casino.

Reverse Martingale

As the name implies, it is the reverse of Martingale betting strategy. It uses even-money bets, however, you double your betting unit when you win here, and halve it when you lose.

Play The Popular Online Roulette Games In 2022

If you decide to play roulette online, there are so many variations to play, and so many top roulette casino sites to play. Take a look at the best variations of roulette below, and at the end, we’ll discuss the perfect casino for these variations.

European Roulette

In terms of its structure, you’re basically playing the standard version of online Roulette when you play European Roulette online. The game uses the 37-pocket Roulette wheel with just one “0” and 36 other numbers.

American Roulette

The American Roulette game is the variation that uses the 38-pocket wheel. It has one of the highest house edge in roulette casinos, but the extra “00” pocket gives room for some unique bets.

French Roulette

A French Roulette casino has the best RTP for players. This is because of the La Partage and En Prison rules which give you a second if your even-money wager ends up losing to the “0” pocket. Otherwise, it has the same 37-pocket structure as European roulette.

Mini roulette

The Mini Roulette game is also unique as it uses a much smaller wheel than other variations. The wheel has 14 pockets with just one “0” and this makes the odds for winning a bet much higher.

Lightning roulette

When you play Lightning Roulette online, it’s a combination of live dealer roulette and virtual online roulette. This is in the sense that it uses Random Number Generator (RNG) technology as well as a live dealer to reward winners of certain bets by effecting multipliers of 50x to 500x to randomly selected pockets. There are even more variants of the game with exciting innovations like Double Ball Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

Play Live Roulette With Real Dealers In India

Playing roulette at an online casino has its advantages over playing land-based casino Roulette. However, no one can deny that the feeling of being in a real casino to play their favorite game is a thrilling experience. Also, people tend to be skeptical about the technology used in generating results in virtual online roulette games– the RNG.

However, with the development of streaming technology, several top game developers have made it possible to play with real dealers in real-time from the comfort of your home, or anywhere really. Head over to a good casino to enjoy the best live roulette experience and get started in just three steps:

  1. Fill in your details and register
  2. Deposit and claim the €1000 welcome bonus
  3. Choose from hundreds of roulette games and play live dealer online roulette games.

Play Roulette For Free Or Real Money

The great thing about online roulette is that you can play roulette for free or play roulette for real money. Free roulette is not available in Land-based casino roulette. Let’s take a look at the differences between free roulette and real money roulette.

  • Free online roulette games exist for virtual roulette, but not roulette with live dealers. However, you can play roulette with real cash at land-based, virtual, or live dealer roulette casinos.
  • You can make use of bonuses like no deposit bonuses to play for free and win real money games.
  • Free online roulette games help you practice to play better when playing roulette with real cash.

Popular Roulette Software Providers

You can be sure you’re going to have to have the time of your life playing roulette online at a casino that has the best roulette game providers. Well, you can get used to some of those names below, so you can know a top roulette casino when you see one:

Evolution gaming

Evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming is considered one of the best game providers around. They have created new innovative variations like Lightning roulette and Immersive roulette that have taken the game to a new level.

authentic gaming

Authentic Gaming

The name says it all. Authentic gaming develops authentic games with sleek interface designs suited to the customer. This is why they service top casino names like Mr Green and Betsson casino.



NetEnt has a ton of casinos that it services as one of the best software providers, and one of the oldest too. NetEnt’s market strategy is to focus only on high definition games. And of course it works.



Microgaming is licensed by the UK gambling commission and they have top-notch standards in terms of speed, visual quality, and refresh rate of their games. Alongside NetEnt, Microgaming is one of the biggest names in the whole of the casino world, even beyond roulette.



Playtech has a claim as probably the biggest supplier of online games as they focus their energies on developing high quality online roulette games for mobile devices. They also have a strong stance on responsible gaming, which is great.



Ezugi is a subsidiary of Evolution Gaming, and they’re the main arm of Live casino gaming for the game developing giant. Anything live roulette, they’ve got it covered.

Make Quick/Safe Deposit And Withdrawals At Roulette Casinos

It’s incredibly important that you don’t face the risk of having your banking details hacked when playing roulette online. One way to avoid that is by guarding your casino details properly and not connecting to public Wi-Fi without a good VPN.

However, the best way to avoid hackers is to register at a casino with reputable payment solutions. It’s a plus if they have a variety of these top banking methods, such as:

Debit / Credit Cards

These are one of the most popular payment solutions worldwide. However, it is better to use a debit card than to play games on a credit card, because this may not inherently be responsible gambling. But if you must, you should do it safely with top Debit/Credit card vendors like Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Discover, etc.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are one of the most popular and definitely the most enduring of all online transaction technologies. It’s simple from your bank straight to your account. But you can make use of third-party apps like Trustly and Klarna so that there is not a direct link to your personal bank account.

e- wallet

e-wallets are great payment solutions providing the gamer with easy access and relatively low fees. Watch out for top methods like Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, GPay, Apple Pay, Siru Mobile, Paytm, etc.


Cryptocurrency is the money of the internet, so it's only appropriate that you can play online roulette with it. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple are some of the most trustworthy.

Casino Roulette Bonuses And Promotions

When you play roulette online, the best chance you have to play long enough or make the risky bets you may need to win is to have a huge bankroll. Now, a lot of people cannot afford to fork out large sums to their betting bankroll without indulging in irresponsible gambling. And this is where bonuses and promotions for online roulette come in. Let’s take a look at some types of bonuses available for online roulette casinos:

Head over to Betway casino to get their welcome bonus which will double your first deposit as well as other exciting Roulette casino bonuses!

How We Review The Best Roulette Casinos For Indian Players?

Throughout this online roulette guide, we have given you tips on the best Indian roulette casino sites based on specific features. You can also know how to detect great casinos to play with using the criteria that we use for our roulette casinos review. They include:

  • License and Security: You should not play at a casino without a license. Such casinos are not obligated to any authority to provide you with security for your personal information as well as transaction security. Also, licensed casinos have been vetted to make sure that they never leave their winners without their payouts.
  • Banking: The best casinos should have secure banking methods for players. Furthermore, the casino should have them in variety so that you can easily access transactions based on your location or device.
  • Promotions: It is not just the size of a bonus offer that we consider with our casinos. We also take a look at the rollover and wagering requirements, as well as the general bonus terms and conditions. This is because a difficult wagering requirement can make it impossible for you to win.
  • Customer Support: Our casinos are known for providing their users with solutions when they have issues. This is important.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you legally play roulette online?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that the casino is licensed and you’re good to go.

Is online roulette really random?

Yes, it is. The RNG responsible for generating random results is vetted by third-party regulators like eCogra.

What is the best roulette strategy?

Martingale’s betting strategy is one of the best and most used. However, you can go for other strategies based on your bankroll and style.

Can a roulette dealer control a ball?

No, they cannot.

Is virtual roulette fixed?

No, it isn’t. The software uses the RNG to generate independent outcomes on the spot.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

Even-money bets like red or black, high or low, and even or odd, have the highest odds of hitting. They’re the safest single bets, mathematically.

How can I increase my chances of winning roulette?

Play the safest bets, use a strategy, make use of a healthy bankroll, and most importantly, play at a good casino. Check our article to get recommendations for the best casinos.

Is roulette all luck?

The outcome of each spin is pure luck. However, you can employ strategic gameplay to manage the game in your favor.


Online roulette has a variety of all the best features of the game. It is easy to understand, and although it has random outcomes, you can make use of strategies to manage the game. One of the most important parts of the strategy is to get a great casino that is well suited to online roulette and all the variants. If that’s what you’re looking for, then follow our tips on getting the best online roulette casino in India to get started.