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Winning online roulette strategy with the lowest risk?

Are you searching for the top winning roulette strategies with fairly low risk? To win or lose in roulette depends on both luck and skills. Another thing that matters the most is the selection of your online roulette casino. 

In this article, you’ll find the most popular roulette strategies with high potential to reduce the house edge and raise RTP. Also, find the list of best roulette casinos for Indian players.

Let’s explore this game guide and know how to conquer this amazing wheel game?

How to play online roulette

Best Online Roulette Casinos in India 2022

#10 Most Popular Roulette strategies that you need to know!

Our casino experts have compiled the list of almost all the widely used roulette strategies used in both traditional and online casinos. Some of them work best for high rollers while others for beginners who don’t want to risk their money. But, first check the list of popular online roulette strategies:

  1. Martingale System
  2. Fibonacci Roulette System
  3. Roulette Strategy 101
  4. Andrucci System
  5. D’Alembert System
  6. Labouchere System
  7. Reverse Labouchere System
  8. Contra D’Alembert System
  9. 1 3 2 6 System
  10. Paroli System

Let us tell you that all the strategies use a different approach and bankroll strategy. Now, check the list of Top #5 Roulette strategies with Low risk

1. Roulette Strategy 101

Did you know? 666 is referred to as the number of devils. And, all the numbers on the standard roulette wheel add up to 666.

This aggressive roulette strategy uses the 666 Betting system for low risk. It’s fun, exciting, and thrilling. This effective roulette strategy can help you recover some amount of your losses if played accurately. 

The logic is to bet on as many numbers on the roulette wheel excluding the fours. But remember the house edge is against the player always. The benefit of using this strategy is it covers almost all the bets of the roulette wheel, Thus increasing your winning odds. You are guaranteed to get some profit 

Try today the 666 betting system at Betway roulette tables for free! 

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  • User friendly interface
  • Welcome bonuses for new players

2. Martingale System

The martingale theory has always worked for online roulette. It is known as one of the top winning roulette strategies. It works best when you are confident and can trust your instincts. 

The concept is simple i.e. to double the amount of bet on your every loss and keep betting until you win the bet.  We suggest using this strategy on low-value bets. The best strategy for beginners as it is easy to understand. Another benefit is you can try the martingale strategy for free while playing online roulette in demo modes. 

The Martingale system works best on outside bets. The outside bets in roulette have better chances of winning as you are betting on pair of numbers. Practice the Martingale strategy for online roulette at Fun88.

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  • Lucrative welcome bonuses
  • Availability of mobile app

3. Fibonacci system

Another popular and safe roulette strategy with the highest potential is to reduce the house edge. No doubt, it takes some time to grasp this theory but once understood, you’ll be able to recognize the patterns and bet accordingly.

This low-risk roulette strategy is based on the mathematics Fibonacci series. The sequence is obtained by adding the last two numbers. For example:

1,2,3,5,8,13,21……………….so on.

So, to place the next bet in online roulette, you have to wager an amount equal to the sum of th previous two bets. You are guaranteed to get some profit. Register on Spin Casino to use this safest roulette strategy!

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4. D’Alembert System

Almost similar to martingale theory, the D’alembert system is the easiest progressive roulette strategy to be executed. It helps maintain your bankroll for the short term. It works best on even numbers on the roulette table ( Hi/Lo, Red/Black bets, etc.)

The logic is to increase the bets by 1 unit after each loss and decrease the bet size by 1 unit if you won. The winning chances are as close to 50%.

For example: If you are on a losing streak, you have to keep increasing your bet size as:

1,2,3,4 and —–so on . In case, you won after placing Rs.4/- bet; your next bet size will be reduced to Rs.3/-

Join Royal Panda casino today to try the D’Alembert strategy for free.

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5. 1 3 2 6 system

This mindful roulette strategy gives the best results if used smartly. It uses a progressive approach that means the players have to keep increasing their bet size for each win. 

This strategy works best for beginners who don’t want to risk placing high-value bets on every spin. If a player loses the bet, they have to start over again from one unit. How does 1 3 2 6 work?

To begin with, a player needs to decide his 1 bet unit. Let’s assume your 1 unit is Rs.5/-. Follow the steps below to see how this strategy  works:

Round 1: Add 1 unit, the bet size is Rs. 5/-

Round 2: Add 3 units; The bet size is Rs.15/-

Round 3: Add 2 units; the total bet is Rs. 10/-

Round 4: Add 6 units; the total bet is Rs.30/-

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Our Final Words

If used accurately, these roulette strategies are definite to increase your winning chances. But one should not forget that there are other factors like minimum & maximum bet, payouts, and roulette variants.  Above all, the selection of your roulette casino makes a big difference.

All our recommended casino sites are thoroughly vetted and verified by our casino experts. So you don’ need to worry about safety and legality. Pick and start practicing these best roulette strategies for best payouts. All the best!