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Roulette Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Roulette is a fun game by itself but you will have an even better time if you play with bonuses. That is the purpose of this article – to guide you to the best casinos in India with generous bonuses to use on your roulette games.

If you have played casino games before, you might be familiar with bonuses and promotions. As for beginners, the whole jargon of ‘wagers’ ‘no-deposit and other terms might confuse you. However, don’t fret!

By the end of this piece, you will know where to get the best bonuses for roulette and how to use promotions to your advantage.

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Roulette Casino Bonuses

What are roulette casino bonus?

A roulette bonus is a gift given by casinos to encourage players to spin the roulette wheel. This is impressive, as it shows that the casino cares for its roulette players. There are many types of bonuses in casinos, some you can only use on roulette and others can be used on all types of games.

In this online roulette bonus review, we are looking at bonuses that can be used on roulette games, even if you can also use them on other games.

As you will come to learn, making a bonus work for you is straightforward. All you need to understand is your bankroll, the roulette game and the casino terms. We will explain all that in a jiffy but for now, let us look at different types of bonuses.

Best Roulette Casino Bonus Sites

Roulette bonus for new players

What is better than having your deposit multiplied? That is how the welcome bonus works. All new players are eligible for a bonus at the top Indian casinos that we have listed on our website.

Get ushered into the new casinos in style, with roulette signup bonus. The biggest distinguishing element of an online casino is the promotions and bonuses for new players.

The welcome bonus is money given to you, to match your deposit. For example, if a casino like BetWay, gives a 100% bonus to the players, it means you get an extra 200 rupee when you deposit 200.

Always ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus before accepting. This is because some casinos don’t allow roulette wins to contribute to the wagering requirement. Yes, you are allowed to use the bonus funds to make roulette bets but the wins won’t contribute to the wagering requirement.

PS: The wagering requirement is the amount you are supposed to make from the bonus before you can withdraw wins from the bonus. For example:

Bonus A – 100% your deposit and 5x wagering requirement

If you deposit 200 rupees, you get 200 extra rupees to use on your favourite games. This means you need to make at least 1000 rupees before you can withdraw all the wins from the bonus.

Overall, you must ‘play through’ the online roulette bonuses several times before receiving your payouts. In some scenarios, you might need to play through the bonus funds plus the deposit before withdrawing the entire amount. Therefore, like a roulette player, if you feel the bonus doesn’t favour your gameplay, leave it altogether.

If you are searching for tons of excitement on roulette and a generous welcome bonus, click here to play at BetWay Casino for ₹100,000 welcome bonus.

Other types of roulette bonuses

Deposit bonus – This is a match bonus that you get depending on how much you deposit. If a casino is giving a 50% deposit bonus, it means you get an extra 50 per cent of your current amount.

No-deposit roulette bonus

This is a favourite for most people. Not only do you get extra cash to play but it is all for free. Meaning you won't need to make any deposit to get the bonus.

Reload roulette bonus

Simply put, the casino awards you for every deposit that you make. Whenever you deposit funds in your account, the casino gives you a reload bonus in roulette.

How to claim your welcome roulette bonus?

Step 1: Find a top Indian casino with generous bonuses to play roulette

You must find a trustworthy casino to try to enjoy your bonuses on roulette. If you are not sure where to play, take a look at our list of the best mobile casinos in India with bonuses.

Step 2: Check the welcome bonus terms

Read the terms and conditions of the bonus before accepting. Once you are satisfied, click ‘accept.’

Step 3: Use your bonus to have fun

Now that your bankroll or wallet is loaded, it is about time you have fun. Spend your cash on your favourite roulette variants.

Where to get the best roulette bonuses?

Unfortunately, not all casinos on the internet offer roulette bonuses. Don’t be surprised to find online casinos that come with bonuses that can’t be used on roulette. Other casinos only allow players to use the bonuses on a select roulette variant.

Another thing to watch out for are casinos that confiscate the bonus if you try to use it on roulette. Quite punitive right?

That is why we emphasize on reading the entire terms and conditions of the bonus before spinning the roulette. If you are not sure whether you can use the bonus on roulette, contact customer support immediately. Sometimes, you can stumble upon a bonus that is exclusive to roulette.

If you are wondering where to get the best bonuses for online roulette games, look no further than our list of top Indian casinos.

How to use a roulette bonus to boost your wins?

Once you are satisfied with the bonus that the casino is giving you, it is time to play. However, you must always pay attention to and keep track of what you must do to redeem the bonus after winning. Note that good casinos will always provide a way for you to see the bonus points or cash earned.

You must always look out for bonus abuse. For instance, you might look suspicious if you withdraw your money as soon as you hit the minimum wager. It is advisable to play a little beyond the minimum wager amount. In the same breath, keep the stakes at a minimum to avoid losing your hard-earned bonus wins.

Another option is to pick the best variants that go with your bonus. Which is your favourite roulette game? Of course, the RTP affects just how much you win. This invariably contributes to how fast you will meet the wager.

Some of the most popular roulette variants include French, Mini, Lightning and Speed. If you are searching for an easy-to-play roulette with fewer rules, go for Mini roulette. Otherwise, French roulette offers a favourable RTP and the two special rules (La Partage and En Prison) that can boost your wins.

Should I take the roulette bonus?

Whether you accept the roulette bonus depends on your preference as a player. Often, bonuses are worth it, especially if you are already good at playing roulette. Before claiming the bonus, there are a few factors to consider:

Check how much the roulette variant contributes to the wagering requirement. If it is a low percentage, re-think your decision.

Are there any types of bets excluded from meeting the wager? Check to ensure that the bonus terms do not exclude any types of bets. Some casinos limit the types of bets that you can apply to play through the bonus. The even bets are the most popular amongst roulette players so it’s no surprise to find a casino restricting even bets on the bonus.

What to expect from an online casino when using a bonus

Depositing into your Indian online casino account is easy, so is accepting the bonus. You can fund your bankroll via e-wallets, bank transfers, cards or crypto. Once you play through the bonus and win, it is time to make a withdrawal.

You will start with verifying your identity by uploading documents like a copy of your ID, passport or driver’s license. You might also have to submit a copy of a utility bill to prove your address. The approval process is fast and efficient. Once the casino is done, you will be notified so that you can make your deposit.

Online roulette bonus strategies

Ideally, you want to win some money and withdraw your money. However, your real money bets will be funded by the cash deposit first, followed by the bonus. If you fail to meet the wager, the bonus and wins will be forfeited.

Avoid the double martingale system, as much as you can. While it is a quick way to play through the bonus, it can easily deplete your bankroll.

Never play when stressed or under the influence:- Always play with a sober mind so that you can strategize your games well. Keep emotions at bay, whether you are on a winning or a losing streak.

The 6 pence Roulette System works impressively to clear the bonus. All you have to do is ensure you have 6 chips in action at any given time. Also, gradually increase your wager when winning and reduce the bet size when losing.

Play roulette in demo mode and practise until you understand the rules. One free roulette casino you should check our listed casinos. They have a diversified lobby and the games are super exciting.



Which casinos have the best bonuses for roulette?

Check out our list of Top Indian Casinos to get the most generous bonuses in the market.

Which is the best roulette variant to play through the bonus?

Go for variants that have favourable RTPs and low house edge like French Roulette.

Can I forfeit the bonus in the middle of the game?

Yes, you can but that will also cancel all the wins you had accumulated from the bonus.

Which is the best type of casino bonus for roulette?

The no deposit bonus is the best, since it doesn’t require you to deposit any funds into your casino account.


Generally, bonuses are a great way of getting extra money to spend on your favourite games. Remember that the whole point of roulette is enjoying yourself and having fun. Any bonus might stretch your bankroll but you also need a strategy if you want to win the game and withdraw your wins.

As we mentioned above, pay attention to the bonus terms and conditions every time before claiming a bonus. This will protect you from unnecessary losses and breach of terms. If you are not sure about things, contact the customer support team of your casino for help.

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