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How To Play Roulette In India

Here is a simple but detailed guide on how to play roulette either as a table game or in live casinos. By the end of this guide, you will know all about roulette rules, even money bets, odds and payouts.

If you want to try out roulette, you will be one of over 1.4 billion gambling enthusiasts in the world. Actually, roulette lovers form a huge part of that player population. No wonder, top casinos offer a wide range of roulette variants. 

For those who really want to truly enjoy this game of the wheel, it’s time to treat yourself. Select a trusted casino from the following list to play an exciting game of roulette.


How To Play Roulette

Play Roulette At Below Mentioned Casinos

How To Play Roulette Online?

Step 1 – Choose a reliable casino

Where you play your roulette games affects whether you will actually win or not. That is why you should only play roulette at trustworthy online casinos. Such a casino must have a license from the relevant authorities in its jurisdiction. 

Above all, the best casinos to play the roulette wheel must be mobile compatible. Whether you play roulette live or prefer online roulette. After all, you should be able to seamlessly control the roulette table and other important essentials buttons on the screen. 

Your needs as a player should come first. So, ensure that the casino has reliable customer support. 

Not forgetting bonuses and promotions. Top roulette players in the industry look for other casino opportunities that can boost wins. Having extra cash in your bankroll can help you save game if you ever find yourself in a roulette fix.

Playing at a mobile roulette casino with a wide range of deposit & withdrawal methods will make you a happier player. Essentially, it means you can easily request and receive payouts when you win a roulette game.

Step 2 – Choose the type of game you want to play

The next step in knowing how to play roulette is understanding the variants. While the basic roulette rules apply to all variants, it is important to know how they work. There are three main types of roulette variants – European, American and French

However, over the years, as roulette became more popular, other fantastic variants emerged. Currently, you can find and play a wide range of roulette variants including; Live, Mini, Multi Wheel and Triple Bonus just to name a few. 

Play roulette live if you are searching for more exciting variants. You will even find roulette variants adapted from common games like Monopoly.

Before choosing the game you want, ensure that you understand how all of them work. Otherwise, you can test the games and make discoveries as you go.

Step 3 – Select bets on the grid

You can play roulette games online using two types of bets; inside bets and outside bets. The main differences between the two are

(i) where you place the bets and

(ii) the payout odds.

Inside bets are only placed on one or more numbers on the wheel. Note that while inside bets come with lower chances of winning, they have higher payouts.

There are six different types of inside bets including:

Inside Bets

  • Straight Up
  • Split
  • Street
  • Corner/ Square/four-number bet
  • Five number bet
  • Six Line
  • Trio
  • Snake bet

Outside bets

  • Column bet
  • Dozens 
  • Odd/Even
  • High or Low
  • Red or black

Step 4 – Spin the roulette wheel

The game starts with players making bets. So you will place a stake and predict where the ball will fall on the table. It could be a number, a colour or any other bet combination listed above.

The dealer will throw a ball into the spinning wheel. As the wheel spins, you can make more bets.

When the ball starts spinning, the dealer will close the game to more bets. 

If the ball lands on your winning number, colour or any area that you placed a bet on, you win the game.

The process of spinning the roulette wheel is the same across all variants. Before making a bet, always ensure that you know which variant you are playing. If you are not sure, check out for the number of zeros. While American has double zeros (00), European and French roulette have single zero (0).

Rules to follow while playing roulette online

A game of roulette involves more than just placing a stake and guessing where the ball will land next. There are roulette rules that players must follow, if you want to be a pro player.

  • In online roulette, the game only starts when you hit the ‘spin’ button.
  • You are allowed to change or cancel your bets as long as the wheel has not started spinning.
  • When you play roulette live, bets are allowed until the dealer closes the betting phase.
  • The Same Bet option is applicable whenever you want to place a similar bet to the one you had placed before.
  • French roulette has a smaller house edge as compared to the American version.
  • The Én Prison roulette rule payouts apply to even money bets in European roulette. If the ball lands on zero slots, you have two options.
  1. Reclaim half your bet and forgo the other half.
  2. Leave or (én prison) the bet and gamble all or nothing in the next bet. If the ball lands on zero again and doesn’t match the imprisoned bet, you lose everything. 
  • The La Partage rule is similar to en prison. However, you will lose half of your stake.

Note that until you are well familiar with the rules, you can play free roulette and work on your strategies.

About roulette bet types

Like we mentioned above, there are many types of online roulette bets. We will start with inside bets.

Inside Bets

  • The straight Up: This bet covers only one winning number on the wheel. You can pick any number between 1-36 or even Single zero (0). It is all or nothing but winning gives you a high payout of 35:1

  • Split: In this bet, you predict the ball will land on the line that separates two numbers. You will win if the ball hits either of the numbers. The bet pays 17:1

  • Street: You will place a bet on one number among three within a row. For instance: 10, 11, 12 or 5, 6, 7. What matters is that the numbers align. You get paid 11:1

  • Corner: You are betting on one of the four numbers that form a square on the table. For example; 2,3,5,6 or 29,30,32 and 33. This bet pays 8:1

  • Line: These are similar to street bets. The only difference is that you bet on two rows of three numbers. Note that the rows must be consecutive and the payout is 5:1.

  • Five-number bet: This bet only allows bets on numbers 1, 2, 3, single zero (0) and double zero (00). This bet only pays 6:1 and also comes with a poor 13.16% chance of winning. 

Outside bets

  • Odd/Even: You predict that the winning number will either be even or odd. This could have been a complete even money bet but the 0 and 00 unbalance the odds of winning from 50/50.

  • Red/Black: This bet is simple – you decide whether it will stop on a red or black packet. This is an even-money bet but remember the extra zeros make the odds less than 50/50.

  • High/Low: You place a stake on whether the winning number will fall within the low numbers (1-18) or high (19-36).

  • Columns: This bet is popular because it pays 2:1 or double the players bet. You predict that the ball will land on either of the three columns of roulette.

  • Dozen: You place bets on groups of numbers that make a dozen, in consecutive order. There are three dozens on the wheel. It pats 2:1 or 2X your bet.

    • 1st dozen – Number 1 to 12
    • 2nd dozen – Number 13 to 24
    • 3rd dozen – Number 25 to 36

The roulette tables and roulette wheel layout

We will begin with the online roulette wheel.

Understanding the wheel’s layout will help you master all roulette rules and ultimately make you a better player. Therefore, always remember the following features of a roulette wheel.

  • All red and black slots alternate and none of them are next to each other.
  • The high (19 to 36) and low (1-18) are also alternate throughout the European wheel. You will hardly find a high and low number except numbers 5 and 10. However, the American wheel does not follow this structure to the latter.
  • All odd and even numbers are fairly distributed along the wheel. No odd or even number lies next to another.

As for the roulette table…

  • The roulette table is similar to the wheel across all variations. The only notable difference is that while French roulette had one zero, the American has the single zero (0) and double zero (00) packets. This means American roulette has 38 slots while European and French roulette come with 36.
  • Both the French and American variants show the inside and outside bets on the table. However, the French wheel’s layout is slightly different, with the words in French. Yet, the basic rules of the game remain the same. 


Which are the best casino sites for roulette players?

If you are looking for a thrilling roulette experience with a wide range of variants go to JeetPlay Casino and [broker_link broker="jeetplay" anchor="Click here to start playing" landing="aff_link"]

What is the difference between French and American roulette?

French roulette wheel or table comes with 1-36 slots and an extra pocket for zero (0). On the contrary, American roulette has 1-36 slots, single zero (0) and a double zero (00) packets.

How do La Partage and En Prison rules work?

If the wheel comes up with a zero and La Partage is in effect, the dealer will divide all the cash bets in half and give you one half. However, in En Prison, the dealer will lock in your bet for the next round. If you win, you get your original bet back in full but if you lose, the house keeps the entire bet.

How do neighbour bets work?

A neighbour bet includes 5 numbers. For example, if you pick 28, the bet will include 29 and7 to the left and 12 and 35 to the right.

How does the zero or double zero affect the house edge?

The zeros mainly affect even money bets since the odds are not really 50/50. Furthermore, players are only paid as if there were 36 packets instead of 37 or 38.

Which roulette bet has the lowest house edge?

Any bet that offers 35:1

Which roulette variant has the lowest RTP?

American roulette.


Now that you know how to play roulette, you should be able to place a bet and have fun. Like we mentioned before, the only way to really enjoy a game of roulette is by playing at the best casinos.  Moreover, accepting their bonuses and promotions can boost your bankroll. If you want to find out more about roulette, head on to our online roulette strategies page. There you will learn various ways of increasing your chances of winning and minimizing risks while playing roulette.