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Guide to Lightning Roulette Game

Many games are being played at casinos, you’ll find slot games, table games, poker, craps, scratch cards, bingo games, name it. Table games come in various types and variations, lightning roulette is one of them. Online Lightning roulette is a live dealer variation of the Roulette board game. So, what are the strategies for playing this game? How can you win? What are the rules of playing lightning roulette in India?.  What of the lightning roulette trick? All of these and more will be known in this roulette casino guide.

Guide to Lightning Roulette Game

List of Lightning Roulette Casinos 2021

What is lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming in their ever active and innovative vibe developed a version of roulette on the live dealing scope, this game is called Lightning Roulette. Evolution Gaming is known to be the boss in designing and presenting live dealer casino games, with this mini roulette game, they’re nothing short of amazing. 

Lightning Roulette is quite different from a standard Roulette game because aside from the fact that its player lives, it also comes with different RNG and multiplier awards. On every 5 rounds played, lightning strikes some numbers. The outcome of which is multiplier bets that could amount to 500x of your stake on just one number. 

Truth is, a straight roulette game has been associated with some complex and difficult spins but lightning is very distinct as it gives you a clear and straightforward betting time. You can’t group numbers nor can you group spaces. Note that lightning roulette in India is played using a standard European Roulette wheel of 37 pockets (The green colour is 0, while the remaining 1 – 36 is divided into red and black numbers).  With no player maxima, you can play with as many friends as you want, and what do they say about the more? the merrier.

How to Play Lightning Roulette

Every game has its technical know-how or ways of playing. It is so crucial to know the basics of playing a game, as it is to know how to win. So are basic Roulette rules and technical know-how. 

  1. Look for a Lightning Roulette Casino: First of all, you need to find a casino that offers this game. Although Roulette is a common board game at casinos, not all casinos offer the Lightning Variation. We would recommend Fun88, Jeetplay, or Betway Casino as a place for you to relish the best of lightning roulette evolution games.
  2. Place a roulette Bet Usually, at casinos, the range of bet is between €.20 to €40. It depends on the casino and it varies, but when you place a bet you stand a chance to win bonuses and other promotions.
  3. Wait for the dealer to spin: When the dealer spins the wheel, you’re to predict the number it’s going to stop on. Live dealer roulettes are also played this same way. 
  4. Right Or Wrong Predictions: If your prediction is right, you’ll cash out and if it is wrong you will lose your stake. There are Corners, Red, Black, Splits which are all regular bets, and a straight bet win would get you multiple payouts of the winning number.

How to Win Lightning Roulette

Having mentioned how to play the game, it is also paramount to show you how to win at this game. Knowing how to play a game is different from knowing how to win the game. Understand that there is no permanent way to win at Roulette game as with other games, it’s luck. You can only increase your prospect of winning if you check this out. 

  1. Spread your money on multiple numbers, since lightning roulette evolution makes it feasible to lay claim to more money on single number wins than traditional roulette. You’re doing this with the hope that lightning would strike one of your numbers. 
  2. If you’re putting your whole money on only one number, wait for luck to shine on you. It could sincerely, It’s another approach that players use in this game. 

Finally, note that the more numbers you bet on the more money you pay and the fewer numbers you bet on, the less your stake. Weigh your probability to know which would fit you the most and wait for the lightning roulette spin.

Lightning Roulette House Edge

A Roulette house edge refers to the amount that goes to the casino every time you play. You know, a casino is a company that is profited from. So, every time you play a percentage goes to the casino “The House”. If you earn 37 on a 1 unit bet, such that the ratio is 1:37, you’re taking home 35 in place of 37. 

The calculation is simple, and this tells us that there are numerous house edges and it depends on how much the casino wants to take. From 2% to 7%. On American Roulette it is 5:26 while on European Roulette could be either 1.35% or up to 2.70. That’s why European Roulette is usually recommended over its American version. Both house and return to player are very essential to how much a player would gain or win from a game session.


Best Lightning Roulette Casinos

Here’s a list of casinos you can play Lightning Roulette at. Signing up at any of these casinos would not only give you a nice time at your games but is highly rewarding. There are multiple bonuses, promotions and VIP programs that’ll make your time worthwhile. Play lightning roulette using these casinos:

  •  Fun88
  • Jeetplay
  • Betway
  • Spin Casino
  • Royal Panda

Lightning Roulette Strategies and Tips

Why not have a sneak into the strategies lightning roulette online players have used over time to bring luck into their lives and to win their games. Strategies for roulette usually pave the way to winning Roulette games in India.

The Paroli System

The parole system uses the martingale strategy in reverse by doubling down your bets when you win. Such that a $5 in the first round loss, goes to bet another $5 in the second round. Round two wins you'll get $10, you only double up when you want and when you lose you retain your first bet. Paroli strategy makes sure you stay on a lane when you lose and only move up when you win. There are multipliers on Roulette payouts and a massive advantage, as long as you stay on "straight up" bets.

LaBouchere Strategy

This France invented strategy is peculiar in many places since Roulette itself is from France. LaBouchere works well with virtual chips. There's no lucky number in this strategy and to get the most out of it. This Lightning Roulette trick and strategy make sure you make an even better number at the end of your session. It's a smart strategy that you can use to play lightning roulette.

Lightning Roulette Lucky Numbers and Payouts

There are non - multiplier straight bets which pay 30x if it's not a lucky number. However, 5 random numbers at free Lightning Roulette online, these numbers are usually given after you've placed your real money bets and while the dealer is waiting to spin the wheel. They only appear often but not always and they come in multipliers like 500x, 400x, 300x, 200x, 100x, and 50x which is the lowest. When your bet lands on a lucky number your payout equals the number of the multiplier. On a straight bet of €100 "32" pocket, with a multiplier of 500x your payout becomes €50,000.


How do you play lightning roulette?

Once you find a lightning roulette casino, stake a bet with real money and wait for the dealer to spin the Roulette wheel on Lightning Roulette. It's as simple as that.

How do you win lightning roulette every time?

You can't win every time you play lightning roulette for India every time since every game outcome is luck determined, but you can win multiple times if you understand the strategies for Roulette.

Is lightning roulette real money?

Yes, it is a real money live dealer game.

What are the odds on lightning roulette?

The odds of lightning roulette depends on the type of here you choose, for Straight-Up it is 29:1.

Is Lightning Roulette Game Rigged?

No, Evolution Gaming has made sure that the game is properly secured so that no one can rig it or discover the secret.

What is the RTP in Lightning Roulette Evolution?

The RTP of Lightning Roulette online is 99.59.


Players that enjoy life games would love this one, especially players that enjoy playing with so many people. Evolution gaming has designed Lightning Roulette games in a way that accommodates as many players per time. What makes the Lightning Roulette free game stand out and different from the traditional is the lighting that strikes each time there’s a multiplier on the line. It gives this curiosity, this adrenaline pump as players wait for their own lucky time to happen. Are you also waiting for a lucky time?