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Mobile Roulette | Top casinos to play roulette on mobile

You can play mobile roulette from anywhere you like, have fun and even win on the best online casinos. Playing roulette games is a fun way to kill boredom while making some extra cash with some wins.  Most people who have never played roulette on mobile might be a bit sceptical about how the game works. But as you will come to see, mobile roulette games are not that complicated.

To play roulette online from your device, you need a stable network connection and a compatible device. 

Mobile Roulette Casinos

History of roulette on mobile

We know, for a fact, that the first online casino was established in 1994, and it is about that time that people got to see roulette online.

Fast forward to today, there are many top mobile roulette casinos that offer different variants. -And we can guide you to them.

Mobile Roulette Best Apps of 2022

How do you play mobile roulette games?

Mobile roulette games are fun and electrifying. For those who have played land-based roulette before or even watched it on TV, the process is somehow similar. The only difference with mobile roulette casinos is that you are enjoying it from the comfort of your home. Here are the standard steps to follow.

  • Find a top-notch online casino.
  • Sign up to join the online casino. Join is Jeetplay casino and claim a 100% welcome bonus of  up to ₹70,000.
  • Accept bonuses – If the cash bonus terms and conditions sound favourable to you, accept the bonus. It will give your bankroll a boost.
  • Check out the lobby to see roulette variants – See the available roulette casino games and pick one.
  • If not sure, play in demo mode – If it’s a new game and you are not sure of the rules, check if the online casino accepts demo practice. 
  • Once you are sure how the game works, you are ready to play real money mobile roulette. Just ensure that the bet size correlates with your bankroll.
  • The game starts with you selecting chips or bet size.
  • Next, place a bet on where the ball will land- There are many types of roulette bets to play. You can either pick an inside or outside bets.
  • Hit ‘Spin’ and wait for the ball to land. Remember that you are not allowed to make any more bets while the wheel is spinning.
  • If the ball lands in your predicted area, you win.

If you are not so familiar with the different roulette bets, don’t worry. You can learn more about choosing bets on the guide on how to play roulette.

Best mobiles devices to play roulette online

Which mobile device do you currently use for your day-to-day activities? With over 200 different types of smartphones and tablets, you could be wondering if yours can support a seamless game of roulette. Chances are if it has a reliable data connection and a working screen, you can use it for roulette. Well, here are the best smartphones and tablets to play roulette.


iPhone control about 35% of the mobile user share globally. Out of that about, 59% play online casino games, including roulette. It is a great option for mobile roulette gaming. Now, with just a few taps on your mobile screen, you can play your favourite casino roulette variant from wherever you want. The gaming experience and speeds are amazing on iPhone. There is no special guide to play iPhone roulette as the game doesn’t change across devices.


Since its inception, Android has continued to attract and retain a huge market among phone users. 72% of all people with smartphones are Android users and about 55% of those play online games. Android comes with fewer gaming restrictions. If you want to smoothly play roulette on Android, regularly update the system.


Most iOS players insist that there is no better gaming experience than this. In their defence, the processor is fast, which is a must-have if you want your games to load harmoniously. iPad roulette casinos offer amazing display, leaving your games crisp and remarkably clear. That means all the graphics and sounds will have perfect colour and flow.


Most tablets are relatively more affordable than their iPad counterparts. Playing roulette online on full screen on a tablet is one of the most fun things you can do. You will enjoy the game even more if it has a powerful processor and long-lasting battery. Dragging and selecting on the tablet’s screen will boost your gaming experience in a more responsive and engaging way.

Whichever device you have, playing roulette can help you relax after a long day of work.  If you want to have a good time, select casino from our featured list and play now!

Why gamblers should play roulette games on mobile?

Online casino roulette is a global hit. People in countries from all over the world jump on this famous game whether it is to relax or to win. The name of the game might change across different cultures its thrill remains the same.

So, why should you play roulette variants on your smartphones and tablets?

You can play multi-table roulette from one screen –  Mobile roulette games are convenient and advanced technology has made it possible for to enjoy different variants simultaneously.

Furthermore, you also get to network – This is especially an outstanding benefit of playing live roulette on your mobile. Likewise, you get to chat and socialize with players from different parts of the world.

Top-rated mobile casinos offer bonuses – You have a chance to take advantage of many bonuses that come with the game on your mobile phone.

Play free roulette online – It is easier to find free roulette games on mobile casinos. This is a huge benefit especially if you are a roulette newbie, and you are not ready to use real money.

You can pause the game on mobile roulette casinos – Unlike, in land-based casinos, you can easily pause on your mobile phone to take bathroom breaks, cross the road or talk to someone without affecting your gameplay.

The popular mobile roulette apps

Playing roulette online is easy now, more than ever, with a casino app.  After all, most players in Asia and beyond are now using online betting apps. Of course, we know you want to enjoy top-notch gaming on mobile roulette casinos without buffering.

Most mobile casino apps are simple to download and install in your phone. Just visit their website, register and download the app. 

The graphics are as stunning on the apps as they are on PC. There is an option to adjust the video quality to your liking (in case you want to save data). Bottom line is, you will be able to clearly see all the buttons, packets, numbers and chips.

What is online roulette without sound effects?  Apps also allow you to either increase or remove the sounds effects. Plus, the game starts and loads fast, without buffering time. Finally, all roulette variants from top developers are strikingly mobile compatible. Meaning you can easily play without having to constantly turn your phone from landscape to portrait display.

Play live mobile roulette games

Are you looking for a land-based casino roulette experience without leaving your home? All that thrill can be found on live mobile casinos. There is nothing as exciting for a gambler as watching a game unravel in real-time, in the company of other players.

Live mobile roulette is the icing on the cake, for many seasoned players. For starters, you get to play against a live dealer or croupier, instead of a machine. The dealers are mostly charming, friendly and always ready to help. You can even chat them up as you would in a land-based casino.

One of the best aspects of live mobile casino roulette is that you can play multi-tables. As we mentioned above, this is the act of playing several roulette variants at the same time. Of course, this is close to impossible in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Save time and spare yourself the hassles of visiting a land-based casino. Now you can spin the wheel in real-time and soak in the thrill at live mobile casinos.

Try free mobile roulette games

Also known as free mode roulette, casino demo allows you to enjoy the wheel without risking your cash. However, not all mobile casinos offer demo play. To know where to play roulette for free, check our list of the best casinos.

By playing mobile roulette games on the demo, you are giving yourself a clear picture of what to expect. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will find free roulette games useful and stirring.

Use this to learn new variants minus the pressure and tension of losing. This is the only time you have room for mistakes. You can test roulette variants and enhance your confidence.

Mobile roulette is not only for gambling but also for having fun. It is okay to take a break once in a while from real-money bets by playing free games. You might just end up perfecting your strategy and becoming a better player.

Mobile Roulette Game developers in India

All the best online casinos must only use jet-set software products to maximize on user-experience. Playing roulette designed by leading software developers will save you lots of headaches.



Microgaming is the creator of over 800 casino games, among them some of the most eccentric roulette variants you will ever play. While most developers focus on mainly European and American roulette, Microgaming has gone an extra mile to give your more options. Therefore, if you are longing for more varieties of roulette, don’t worry. Microgaming have a long list of roulette titles including Sapphire roulette, Real roulette, Multi-fire roulette and Multi-wheel roulette among others.



NetEnt roulette options are consistent, easily accessible and wildly enjoyable. They have combined ease of use and quality, to give some of the most exciting roulette variants online. All who have played NetEnt mobile roulette games know that they are keen on detail and smooth gameplay. So far, all their games display excellence, authentic gaming and an amazing atmosphere.



Ezugi is a leading live dealer software provider in the casino industry. They mainly specialize in live games and their roulette pool is interesting. Their live roulette comes with live chat, side bets, social integration, striking graphics and charming dealers. The games are streamed from elegant studios and all motion smoothly flows on screen. Some of their most popular games include OTT roulette and Auto roulette.


Which are the best mobile roulette apps?

The best roulette apps should be simple, seamless and user-friendly. One of the top mobile casino app for roulette gaming is Fun88.

Playing roulette on browser vs on app?

It all depends on what you like. Both mobile roulette apps and browsers offer great gameplay. Downloading the app means you can still play and have fun faster and easier. Hurry and download the best roulette apps.

Which is the best strategy for mobile roulette apps?

If you want to find out more about strategies and tips, check out our online roulette guide 2021. There, you will find out how to play roulette and enjoy the game.

Which are the best mobile roulette options?

All roulette variants are exciting in their own way. All you need to do is study them and try out your luck to see which one you will like.

Can I claim bonuses on mobile roulette apps?

Yes. In fact, you might find special treats and bonuses once in a while, just for downloading the casino app.

Which online casinos offer the best roulette?

Like we mentioned, our list of recommended roulette casinos is made up of reliable, licensed and fun online casinos. Click here to even start playing roulette games with live dealers!

Which roulette game comes with the La Partage and En Prison rule?

French roulette is the only main variant that allows the La Partage and En Prison rule. However, Mini roulette accepts the La Partage rule.


Do something exciting by exploring the best mobile roulette game. Of course, there are different variations which mean there is a lot to learn and enjoy. 

Before you can start playing real money mobile roulette, test the casino to see how you vibe to it. You will definitely have more fun if you play at any of our recommended online casinos.

Overall, most mobile devices can seamlessly accommodate roulette. The majority of games will still load even if you have low resolution but you will enjoy it more if you can see the stunning graphics.

So, when are you going to test your luck on a roulette game? You can start with free play, study the game, then make a bet!