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Android Roulette

If you have never played roulette on your Android phone, it is about time you started. Not only is it simple but most smartphones can seamlessly accommodate roulette casino games. So read on to see how to play, win and enjoy roulette.

There are so many Android brands in the world right now and they are still producing new versions every day.

We are also extremely skilled at identifying and reviewing the top casinos in India. So if you find us recommending one, know that it is safe, licensed and action-packed.


Online Android Roulette Casino

How to play roulette on Android?

If you are wondering what is online roulette, you are reading the right page. We will show you how.

For those who have played roulette at a land-based casino, the rules are just the same, only more convenient since you are playing from the comfort of your home. Spinning the roulette wheel on Android is not as complicated as many newbies think.

Here is how to start having fun playing roulette on Android:

Step 1: Choose one of the top casinos from our list

Step 2: Create an account, register or sign up.

Step 3: Make a deposit, claim your bonuses and start playing. (Ensure you read through the terms and conditions before agreeing).

Step 4: Click on the games and choose a roulette variant to play (it can be online vs a computer or live, vs a dealer).

Step 5: Have fun!

When you play roulette at a top casino, you get more fun and the bonuses are top-notch.


Android Roulette Best Apps List

How to make a roulette bet on your Android phone?

At the start of the game, you will pick a chip or bet size. Check your bankroll to ensure you make smart betting choices.

Place a stake on where you think the ball will fall next – Roulette comes with a wide range of bets. We have explained them well in our guide to choosing roulette bets.

Press ‘SPIN’ and the wheel will begin spinning. You are not allowed to make any more bets when the wheel or ball is spinning.

You win if the ball lands on the pocket that you had predicted. Otherwise, you lose.

Note that there are special rules – La Partage and En Prison, which can change the ending of a game, even after losing. If you wish to know more about this, check out our ‘How To Play Roulette on mobile.’

Pros of playing roulette games on your Android device

The debate of which is better between iPhone and Android never ends. For Android users, they swear by is that they are adaptable. You can definitely play a lot of different casino games on Android but for today, we are just concentrating on roulette.

Why you should play Android roulette?

1) Meet new people, play with friends and family – Live roulette comes with chat capabilities that you can use to communicate with dealers and other players. It is a fun addition and it gets even more exciting when the chat becomes competitive.

2) Power capacity – With Android, you never have to worry about the power running out in the middle of a game. There are Android chargers everywhere.

3) What about the bonuses –  All the top casinos on our site will give you bonuses whether you play on Android or iPhone. There are many generous gifts that you can use on roulette and other games like slots.

4) Multi-screen – The latest Android phones have multi-screen features so that you can comfortably play different roulette tables at the same time.

When all is said and done, Android casino roulette is a thrilling thing to try. So, treat yourself today on your device Select & win Big!


The best roulette app on Android

You will access your favourite Android roulette online games faster if it is an app on your home screen. While playing on a browser delivers the same level of fun, the app experience is more seamless for Android users.

Fun88 casino is the best real money Android roulette app place to start. Not only is the casino well-established but it also offers a wide pool of gaming options for you to choose from.

To download the Fun88 casino app, head over to their website and click ‘download.’ It’s that simple!

Fun88 casino has grown to be popular amongst different types of gamblers in India and all over the world. They have so many promotions, it would be difficult to exhaust them all, even if you tried. The design is striking and comfortable to use. The navigation is easy and all buttons are visible.

Play roulette Android live in India

Live roulette is what you need if you are looking for a Vegas-like experience from India or any location of your choice. The dealer is live, the stream is HD and the buzz is real. You will even see the dealer shuffle the cards.

Online roulette is fun by itself but playing the live version will give you a gaming experience like no other. After all, you are playing against a live dealer and chatting with your friends.

Roulette aficionados know that playing roulette against live dealers is full of action. Furthermore, the dealers are charming, friendly and always ready to help. Whenever you need any assistance, just chat them up and they will solve your issue.

Interestingly, you can play multiple tables at a time, on Android. Keeping up with all the jokes from the dealers might be tricky but you won’t miss anything.

For anyone who is trying to play live casino roulette from their home, we can tell you where to start. It is now easy to get the Vegas experience. Whether you are playing from a restaurant, on the beach, in bed or while bored in a queue. Hurry and browse your phone for a top Indian casino, sign up and play roulette!

Free roulette games on Android

Experience is the best teacher, especially in gambling. You don’t need to learn from losses, even before you start. So, we suggest that you try free roulette on your Android. Not only is it thrilling but also an effective way of learning a roulette strategy to win.


Different roulette games come with varying rules. Playing the demo will help you get a candid idea of how the game works, without risking your bankroll. So, don’t be afraid to familiarize yourself with such.

Then, there are times when all gambler wants to do is treat themselves to a great time. Playing free roulette is more about learning and enjoying yourself.

Android roulette game developers

You are better off playing advanced roulette games that have been designed by the best software companies. As a gaming review site, we always insist on playing at reliable casinos that only take games from high-end developers. There is a huge pool of roulette software providers but we will start with the following three:



Since it was established decades ago, NetEnt has continued to build upon players’ expectations by serving them stunning games. Gambling enthusiasts find NetEnt games wild, exciting and smooth. Their roulette games are spectacularly designed and we all agree that the dealers from their studios are good looking.



If you have played casino games before, there is a huge probability that you have had a taste of the Microgaming experience. We love that they have opted to provide exotic options instead of the usual French and American roulette.

Evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the mother of all live casino games. Not only is Evolution the leading producer of live games all over the world but they have millions of fans. They have a live version of every game you can think of including roulette. They have integrated their games to smoothly fit on your screen, regardless of the Android model you are using. If you would like to start on an exciting game like lightning roulette.


Where can I find the best casino app to play roulette and other games?

We have a list of the top casinos in India with high security, fast payments, a user-friendly interface and easy mobile compatibility. Scroll through that list, we are sure you will find best Android online sites.

Which are the best strategies to win roulette on Android?

Playing roulette is not complicated, it is the same on the phone as it is in land-based casinos. However, you are better off playing even money bets.

Should I play Android roulette on a casino app?

Having a casino app on your Android phone means you can access your games faster. Getting back to where you left your game is also easier, unlike in browsers, where tabs might change.

Does playing roulette on Android affect my bonuses?

No. None of the top casinos on our list will change your bonuses for playing on Android. They will still give you your much-deserved bonus as long as you are eligible.

Which roulette variant can I play on Android?

There is a wide range of roulette variants that you can play on Android. If you are looking for more thrill than the usual American, European or French roulette, try something new like Speed roulette. If you prefer fewer rules and reduced numbers on the table, go for a Mini roulette game.


Overall, you will have a lot of fun playing roulette on Android. If you want to have some ‘me time’ and play on your own, go for online roulette. Otherwise, for maximum fun, go for live casino roulette.

Even before you play with real money, ensure that you study the rules.  If you don’t have a strategy, try playing in the demo version to see if you will grasp the game better.

Android devices are popular. There is a huge pool of options for you to relish. Furthermore, all top casinos are mobile compatible, so that you can comfortably play wherever you are.

Which roulette game would you like to start with? It is time to treat yourself to a good time on your phone!