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iPad Roulette Games and Apps

Ipads are some of the best gaming devices, especially for roulette fans. In fact, Apple users are quick to defend and point out the great user experience that comes with playing roulette on their iPads. Therefore, in this article, we are discussing if the gaming experience is better on iPad than on other devices.

Not only will you know the best iPad roulette games and apps to play but we will also answer the most common questions among roulette players in the FAQ section. Not forgetting a few secrets and tips to playing at top Indian casinos. 

It is no secret that iPads have dominated the –‘huge screen device’ category for decades. With their sleek design and super features, you can expect a great gaming time. 

iPad Roulette Games and Apps

How do you play iPad roulette games?

For those who have played roulette at a land-based casino before, things work just the same. The only convenience is that you are playing from yo0ur device, at the location of your choice. Yet, the fun and thrill remains or is even more, for some people. Without a doubt, playing roulette on an iPad is something you want to try.  

So, how do you start having fun playing roulette games on your iPad? 

Step1: Find the best Indian casinos

Step 2: Sign up or register an account at the casino

Step 3: Claim and accept the welcome bonus (You can refuse to accept the bonus if you read the bonus and feel uncomfortable with the terms).

Step 4: Jump to the roulette category of games and try as many as you want till you find one that you like and play.

Step 5: Deposit to your bankroll, make a real money bet and spin the wheel! After you find a variant you can play, it’s time for you to make a bet. However, most top casinos allow you to play in the demo.

Of course, it is better to play at the best Indian casinos only – they will not only give you a welcome bonus but other gifts to make you happy. So, Figure out our following list & have fun!


Play Roulette Games On Your iPad

How does iPad roulette at online casinos work?

Online roulette is in fact, easier than land-based casino roulette. While the rules remain the same, there might be a few variations.

All roulette games begin with the player selecting a chip that indicated the bet size, eg 10, 50, 100

Next, you predict and place a bet on a slot where you think the ball will fall.

Select the ‘Spin’ option and the ball will start spinning. You cannot make any other bet on that particular table until the ball stops rolling.

You win if the ball falls on the packet/ slot that you predicted. 

Players who are not yet familiar with the different iPad roulette bets shouldn’t worry. By the end of this discussion, you will have a clue as to how to enjoy and try roulette on mobile.

Why gamblers should play roulette games on iPad ?

If you are yet to play roulette online games on your iPad, you are missing out. Not only is it fun but the experience is smooth and user-friendly. No wonder, gamblers in India and other countries are so excited to play this game and while the variants might change, you will still have a good time.

So, what are the benefits of playing roulette on an Ipad? 

1) Split view is great for playing multi-table – iPad comes with a spectacular split-view display so that you can play different roulette variants simultaneously from one screen. 

2) Quickly access the roulette app on the dock – Your favourite roulette apps are only a tap away, on the dock.

3) Powerful processors – iPads come built with very powerful processors, keyboard functionality and trackpads. This means you can seamlessly load your roulette games without buffering or compromising on quality.

4) Crisp display – All iPads have different display features but they all offer quality output. The retina display is especially great for playing live roulette games.

5) Play from anywhere in the world – Not only can you enjoy roulette in India, but you get to play from any location of your choice. 

6) Meet new people, network with players – You can actually make new friends on multi-player roulette games. You get to chat with other gamblers and who knows, you might make a friend or two.

7) Bonuses and more bonuses – Playing roulette on your iPad makes you eligible for lots of exciting bonuses that you would not get in a land-based casino.

The popular iPad roulette app

Of course, you want to know the best Indian casino app to play on your iPad. One of the best apps to start with is the Fun88 Casino app. 

Fun88 is a well-established casino that serves a huge population of Indian players and other gamblers from all over the world. To start playing, just head over to their site and download the app to your iPad. It is that easy!

There are many reasons why Fun88 is such a popular casino among Indian player. Firstly, the games have a striking appeal and stunning graphics. They only pick the best roulette variants from top developers. Therefore, you can expect navigation to be seamless, with visible buttons.

Additionally, the roulette games on Fun88 are compatible on mobile to ensure you can comfortably play in any screen mode. Whether it is European, French or American roulette.

 If you are like us and you prefer playing with the sound on, look no further than the Fun88 roulette app. The sound of the wheel spinning or the buzz in the background makes the gambling experience even more real. You can easily adjust the volume on your phone and hear the live dealers speak.

 If you are still learning how to play roulette, don’t fret. We have the perfect free online roulette tips to help you understand the bets, odds and strategies of roulette.

Play live iPad roulette games

Have you ever been to a land-based casino and played roulette? Do you remember all the noise, buzz and chaotic fun? Well, you can find all that thrill in iPad live roulette games.

For beginners, who are yet to play live roulette, this is the time to treat yourself to Evolution roulette. You will be getting a Monte Carlo or Las Vegas experience but from the comfort of your couch.

It is worth noting that live roulette on iPad is as fun as land-based casinos, if not more. You get to play against the dealers, who are friendly and most charming. Furthermore, you can chat them up throughout the game.

For most Indian gamblers, live roulette is a must-play. Perhaps the most exciting part is that you get to play multi-table roulette on one screen. Multi-table playing is not possible at land-based casinos since you cannot be at two places simultaneously.

 Are you interested in playing roulette but don’t know how to start? Could you be looking for a roulette app with fun games and huge payouts?

The variants come with awesome design, beautiful graphics and friendly dealers. Plus, they are always willing to help. So whenever you have an issue, just chat them up. 

Try free iPad roulette app games

There is no need to risk your bankroll playing a roulette variant you are yet to be familiar with just play for free. Demo roulette on iPads is as fun as any other device, only with a better gaming experience. If you are wondering where you can begin playing iPad roulette, we suggest you take a look at our list of top Indian casinos.

 Seasoned players will tell you that they perfected their roulette bets on demo before they started making real money bets. This is because demo games help you understand how the game works. Not only will you understand the rules but also device working strategies for different variants. 

You are one step away from playing roulette for fun. Moreover, playing demo means you get to familiarize yourself with the game minus the risk of losing your bankroll. Bet sizing and bet odds are just some of the things you get to learn while playing for free.

It is not always about gambling. Sometimes, a bettor just wants to have fun on an exciting game of roulette. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download casino apps to play iPad roulette?

Download iPad roulette casino games and apps that are advanced, easy to navigate and accompanied by bonuses. One of the top casino apps to play roulette is Fun88.

How can I play, have fun and boost my chances of winning iPad roulette?

iPad roulette is easy to understand but finding a variant you are best at requires practice. The most common strategy is playing in the demo version until you are conversant with the rules.

Browser vs on app - which is the best to play iPad roulette?

The fun remains the same as long as you only play at the best Indian casinos. However, downloading the roulette app on your iPad comes with easier access.

Can I still claim bonuses on iPad roulette apps?

Yes. The casinos in our top Indian casinos' list offer a wide range of promotions for both new and existing players. For most gamblers, the welcome bonus and VIP Programs are the best.

Which iPad supports live roulette best?

All iPads offer a great gaming experience. Still, you can expect that the latest device released will have the best features to support gaming.

Which is the simplest roulette variant to play on the iPad?

If you are looking for a simple roulette game with fewer rules, take a look at Mini roulette.


It is time that you explored different roulette variants and won on your iPad. Above all, there is a wide pool of roulette variants for you to discover and play. This means you will hardly ever get bored playing roulette.

 For beginners, remember to test the games in the demo version, before making real money bets. When you feel ready, make a deposit and start playing to win cash. 

Overall, the best iPad roulette games and apps are user-friendly, easily accessible and stunning to the eye. You will definitely love the experience.