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iPhone roulette

Playing roulette on your apple iPhone today comes with extra seamlessness. Apple fans swear to the awesome user experience. So in this review, we check the best roulette games to play on iPhone.

By the end of this – you will know the best casinos in India to play on iPhone and a few tips to help you perfect your gameplay. Plus, a quick guide to claiming roulette bonuses on iPhone.

While there is an inexhaustible pool of smartphone brands, iPhone remains an iconic device. With a fine combination of form and efficiency, you can always look forward to a grand experience playing roulette on your phone.

iPhone Roulette Casino

How do you play iPhone roulette games?

Whether you have played roulette before at a casino or it is your first time, the process is similar. You are still getting the same thrill of the game but from the location of your liking, on your phone. Playing roulette on iPhone is a grand experience. Without a doubt, Apple has installed all necessary features to support casino games.

Here is how to start enjoying iPhone roulette:-

  • Step 1: Find a top casino
  • Step 2: Register or sign up at the casino
  • Step 3: Claim welcome bonuses (If you read through the terms and find they are favourable to you).
  • Step 4: Go to the roulette lobby and pick a roulette variant to play. If you are not sure on how to play, look for the demo version in the lobby.
  • Step 5: Make real money bet and have fun. Once you understand the game’s rules, place a bet and watch the wheel spin.

Playing at a top casino makes everything much easier. Choose from the list & Play now!

Play Roulette Games On Your iPhone

How to play iPhone roulette at online casinos

At the beginning of the game,  you will choose a chip, according to your bankroll.

  • Place a bet on the packet where the ball might land – There is a wide range of bets you can place on roulette so it is always good to use a strategy.
  • Select ‘Spin’ and the wheel will start to spin. As long as the wheel is spinning, you are not allowed to place any bet.
  • If the ball lands on your predicted packet, you win. 

For those who are not familiar with the different iPhone roulette bets, don’t fret. By the end of this article, you will have an idea of free online roulette games.

Why gamblers should play roulette games on iPhone?

Playing iPhone roulette is no longer a simple game, it is a lifestyle. The pros are bragging about their strategies and the beginners just want to have fun. People from different cultures enjoy a game of roulette regularly. While the name and variant preferences might change, the fun is constant.

So, why should you play iPhone roulette?

Your personal and financial data has added a layer of security – While all licensed casinos are secure iPhones are known to have the most secure ecosystems.

You can multi-task – The apple ecosystem comes with many devices that can help you multitask while playing roulette on your iPhone. For instance, you could be taking a walk and counting your steps on the Apple watch and enjoying a game of roulette at the same time.

Meet new players – Live roulette or multi-player roulette is a great way of chatting with live dealers and other players. The chats can sometimes get a bit competitive, but it is all in a friendly spirit.

Get extra bonuses – Top casinos in India offer so many gifts and promotions for players. For example, playing roulette adds to your loyalty points which gets you even more exclusive gifts.

Play multiple roulette variants one screen – Most of the latest iPhones come with screens large enough to accommodate multi-tables with seamless resolution.

The popular iPhone roulette app

Of course, it is quicker to access your favourite roulette games on you iPhone. iPad roulette casinos are just as fun. You can start on the Fun88 Casino app. It is the best roulette app for iPhone players and gamblers from other parts of the world.

It is easy to download the Fun88 casino app to your iPhone. Just head to their casino, sign up and download the app.

There is a reason why this is the best iPhone roulette app amongst Indian players. The games have appealing graphics and the navigation is seamless. All the buttons are well visible on the screen so you can easily size your bets and spin the wheel. Furthermore, the roulette games are mobile compatible so you can comfortably play in landscape and portrait mode.

Not forgetting the Fun88 casino roulette sound effects. You can adjust the volume on your phone to your liking. The sound is incredibly crisp and clear, especially in live roulette. This means you can comfortably hear the dealers speak.

If you are not sure where to begin with live roulette, check out our mobile roulette guide. There, you will know of more tips and odds.

Play live iPhone roulette games

You are yet to taste fun if you have not played a game of live roulette on your iPhone. It is just like a Las Vegas game but you get to play from the comfort of your phone. It is pretty exciting to watch a game grow more intense as you wait for the results. The best part of playing live roulette on an iPhone is that you get to play against the dealer.

For most roulette fans, playing live is a thriller full of action.  Not only do you get to chat with the dealers but they are also friendly and quite charming. You can chat with them as you plan your bets and spin the wheel.

Another icing on the cake is the fact that you can play multi-tables roulette on your iPhone. If you think you can handle it, it is very possible to enjoy roulette variants simultaneously. This is not something you would be able to do in a land-based casino.

Are you trying to enjoy casino fun from the comfort of your home on a roulette app? Maybe you are looking for a Vegas-like experience in India, look no further than live roulette. Just tap on your iPhone and visit the top Indian casinos for a fast-paced game of roulette. You can spin the wheel from anywhere you like. Whether it is in a queue at a supermarket, at a restaurant waiting for your date or on the train home.

Try free iPhone roulette app games

There is no point risking your bet money playing a game you don’t understand. Just try a free game. Free mode roulette is not only fun but also a great way to learn how to play at roulette casinos. If you are not sure where to start playing iPhone roulette, please check our list of the best casinos.

iPhone roulette demo games help prepares you for what to expect in a variant. As different roulette games come with different rules, familiarizing yourself with the demos is a great idea. Whether you are a newbie or a long-term player, demo roulette will get quite useful.

Go to free mobile roulette games and practice without excess pressure of losing. You have room to make mistakes here, without much worry about your bankroll. Whether it is an American, European or French roulette game.

Sometimes, a gambler just wants to have a good time, without making real money bets. Again, demo roulette is the place to be if you just want to spin the wheel for fun.

Mobile Roulette Game developers in India

We normally insist that all the top Indian casino apps must use top-notch and secure software to better the player experience. We not only want to have fun on our iPhones but also ensure all our personal and financial data is secure when playing.  There are many roulette software developers but for now, we will just mention 3 (not in any order).



Microgaming has over 800 different games and you will find an array of action-jammed roulette variants here. Most software companies focus on European and American roulette. However, Microgaming has designed more exotic options for all roulette fans. So hurry to one of the casinos on our list and pick a Microgaming roulette to play.



NetEnt is a big software company that has existed and served gambling enthusiasts for more than a decade. Additionally, we are impressed by their roulette variants. The games are excellent, consistent, authentic and quite thrilling. So far, all their roulette games are action-packed, ready for you to have a good time.



Ezugi is one of the most outstanding live dealer software in the casino sector. They specialize in live dealer games and their live roulette collection is awesome, to say the least. Their social integration is impressive, as players can smoothly converse with the dealers without buffering. Its time to treat yourself to a game of roulette. Just click here to play at Jackpot City Casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPhone roulette casino apps should I download?

Top iPhone roulette apps are user-friendly, pleasing to the eye and mobile compatible. One of the best casino apps with roulette games is Fun88.

Playing iPhone roulette on browser vs on app?

Playing on iPhone roulette apps is without a doubt, easier. You can access your account faster than you would in a browser. So hurry and download a casino app with roulette variants.

How can I play and win roulette on my iPhone?

iPhone roulette is not a complicated game but finding a strategy that works for you might require practice. You can start by looking at our guide to winning roulette games.

Are there bonuses for playing iPhone roulette apps?

Yes. All the casinos in our top Indian casino sites list offer some type of promotion for both new and existing players. Our favourite is the welcome bonus and the loyalty-points gifts.

Which is the best roulette variant to play on iPhone?

It all depends on your preferences. If you prefer something that will push you on the edge of your seat with adrenaline, go for variants under American roulette. If you want something simpler, Lightning roulette or Mini roulette is fit.

Which online casinos should I visit to play roulette on my iPhone?

Check out our list of all top Indian casinos and pick one. You will definitely have fun there.


It’s time for you to explore roulette variants, have fun and win on your iPhone. There is a wide pool of variants for you to try, so you can be guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Remember that before you can start playing with real money, you need to learn about the rules. Demo versions will help you understand the games better.

Generally, iPhones are amazing gaming devices. Therefore, you can expect every game to load well, as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Are you ready to spin the roulette wheel and see just how much you will win? You can always start with the demo version, learn the game and make a real money bet.