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Play American Roulette Online in 2022

American Roulette is often touted as the worst roulette variation because when compared with French and European Roulette, the house edge for this game is higher. But if it’s so unplayable, why is it still thriving as a major form of online roulette, and what can you do to get in on the action?

In this thorough guide for American Roulette you will discover; how the game works, what the pros and cons are, and how you can win. You can then head over to one of the top American Roulette casinos – Fun88 casino, and make some cool cash using the tips in this review. Let’s dive right in!

Play American Roulette Online

What is American roulette?

The game of roulette involves a perpetually rotating wheel, a ball, and a dealer. The wheel is divided into 37 or 38 pockets using colours and numbers. The divisions are the reasons for the presence of roulette variations and betting options.

This is typically how the wheel is divided:

  • By Colour – There are three possible colours on any roulette wheel; black, green, and red. However, the red and black pockets each make up almost half of the 38, while the green pockets are either one or two.
  • By Numbers – This is a more straightforward division. There are at least 37 numbers on any roulette wheel starting from 0 to 36. These numbers are coloured either red or black and the zero is coloured green – the anomaly.

American Roulette has an additional pocket – “00” which is coloured green giving its wheel 38 pockets and two greens. This is the basic difference between American Roulette and other variations of online roulette casino games.

Top American Roulette Casinos Of 2022

How To Play American Roulette Online In India?

Now that we know what an American Roulette wheel looks like, we can take a step further and explore how to play this version of online roulette in India. The first thing to do is to identify the right casino to play at. The right casino can help you enjoy American Roulette online before you even make a punt.

Here are some of the ways that a good online casino will help you enjoy the game:

Licensing & Security

You should always be in the right with the authorities in your jurisdiction. A casino with a license makes sure that you’re participating in a legal activity. But even more, it assures you of security and industry-standard practices.

Banking & Customer Support

Other industry-standard practices that are important in a casino include great customer support and a variety of banking options.


Bonus offers and loyalty programs will boost your bankroll and give you some freedom with the kind of bets that you can place. However, you should read the wagering requirements for any offer since they could make a bonus difficult to clear.

We have taken these same criteria, in addition to other nuanced and important ones, and we’ve searched for the best casinos that fit these standards. One casino that stands out as being among the best in every aspect we’ve addressed is Royal Panda Casino. Start Playing in three easy steps:

  1. Register with your details and make a deposit
  2. Sign in and play your preferred version of American Roulette
  3. Withdraw your winnings!

Rules of Playing American Roulette

There will be no winnings to withdraw if you don’t understand American Roulette rules when you get to the casino. So, let us go through those rules that dictate how to play online roulette:

  • Land Based Vs Online Roulette: We should first get it out of the way that playing roulette online has similar rules to land based gaming, despite the fact that there are a few differences. One of those differences is that in land based roulette gambling, there is limited space, however, online roulette has the internet which is limitless in terms of the number of people that can play at a single table.
  • Bet Size: When you get to a roulette wheel online, the first thing to do is to select the size of your bet. Some casinos will keep your bankroll in your country’s currency, while others will convert it to Euros or dollars and reconvert it when you’re done playing. You should take note of currency conversion rates if this it’s going on a lot; so that you don’t lose track of your bankroll size in the way that’s familiar to you.
  • Placing Bets: After selecting your bet size, click on the number, colour, or section that you wish to bet on. There is a time appointed for this and bets cannot be made after the dealer has declared that bets are over. After making a wager the first time, you can make subsequent wagers with the click of a “rebet button” when playing online. There’s also a “2x” button to instantly double your bet size.

Quick Tips to Win at American Roulette

Since it’s a game of chance we can quickly get misconceptions out of the way and know what is the best way to increase our winning chance in an American Roulette game.

Here are the five best tips to win at real money American Roulette:

What Types of Bets Can You Place on Roulette?

Across French, European, and American Roulette, there are at least twenty different bet types. However, we will look at the most fundamental ways to bet when playing American Roulette online. The different types of bets exist because of the numbers, colours, and placements of the pockets.

When you look at an American Roulette online table, you will see the inside bets and outside bets. The outside bets include odd or even, red or black, high or low, columns, and dozens. Outside bets have the highest odds of winning than any other type of bet.

The inside bets involve wagers on the pockets themselves. The simplest type of inside bet that you will easily understand is the “straight up” bet which involves you putting your chip on any one number. This of course has really low odds of hitting.

However, there are other inside bets with higher odds of hitting and relatively great payout. One example which is unique to American roulette is the “five-number bet”. This bet allows you to place your chip on the intersection of five different pockets, 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. If the ball lands on any of the numbers, you get a win.

There are other inside bets with even higher odds of hitting like the “snake bet” which can cover twelve different pockets.

Learn Special Strategies and Systems of American Roulette

American roulette is a game of chance, however, there are steps to take to ensure that you make the most of the chance. One of these includes adopting a betting strategy that can maximize any wins you may get.

Several betting strategies have been formulated as the best solution. One of the most popular is the Martingale strategy. The Martingale strategy requires the player to bet on even money bets like evens and odds, or red and black. The player will start at a value, double their bet each time they lose, and restart at the original value when they win. In theory, it’s impossible to lose with this method especially if you have a really big bankroll.

In practice, casinos have limits on the maximum that you can bet, so there’s a limit on how much you can lose. However, the martingale betting strategy is still one of the best high roller strategies for American roulette.

How Can You Play American Roulette Games on Mobile?

Mobile gaming is all the rage these days. It makes sense that people would prefer to play without the stress of carrying extra weight. Online casinos have come in to fill the void for players of American roulette online. You just have to choose the right one.

Bonus offerings, security, banking methods, etc., are all important when selecting a mobile casino to play. However, one other thing to really look out for is the casino developer and the game providers in that casino.

This is important because the measure of a good mobile casino gaming experience is the retention of quality from the desktop site. In essence, the quality of the games and the site, in general, should be just as good as it should be on a PC.

You should have the same features on the site as well as the mobile app. Also, with live dealer roulette games, the rendering of the live stream should be high quality without any lag. Leovegas casino has proven to be the top choice as they tick all the boxes. Play and win American Roulette at Leovegas in 3 simple steps:

  • Register with your details and sign in
  • Make a deposit and claim your bonus
  • Play, win, and withdraw your winnings!

Enjoy American Roulette With Real Dealers

The regular version of American Roulette online has the randomization software, the Random Number Generator (RNG), acting as the dealer for the game. Playing at a good casino with a license means that this software has been verified to be performing its function independently of external influence.

However, with live dealer American Roulette, you don’t need to bother about fairness with the spins since you can see exactly what’s going on. Furthermore, the real dealers give the feeling of actually being in a land-based casino from the comfort of your home.

The live chat section allows you to chat with other players and even the dealers in real-time.


Is roulette all luck?

Every outcome of a spin is based entirely on chance. The idea that one result of a spin can influence others is referred to as "gambler's fallacy". This is because mathematically, every new spin had the same odds and chances for every pocket; it doesn't reduce or increase because it has or hasn't been a hit.
However, your betting strategy and discipline which will take advantage of the randomness of the game, is not luck.

How do you win roulette every time?

The short answer is, always walk away when you're ahead. This is because, in the long run, the house always has the edge over the collective bets of gamblers. Therefore, gathering your gains in the short term is always a win.

However, that's the short and easy answer, because to get enough gains in the short term is very difficult. Therefore, it is highly improbable to win roulette every single time that you play.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

The safest roulette bets you can place are the even-money bets. These are the bets with the lowest odds to hit. Therefore, they're very likely to get than any other type of bet. They include outside bets like evens or odds and black or red.


American Roulette is a fun game with many betting options. Going through our guide, it’s easy to see that with the right casino, betting strategy, and discipline, your winning chance at this game will be much higher than before.

If you follow this article to the letter, you will exploit bonuses, make secure transactions, maximize your wins over your losses, and stop while you’re ahead.

However, the first step is to get the right casino. Head over to Betway casino and start playing, and you get security, banking methods, multiple promotions, and the choice of switching seamlessly from your PC to your desktop whenever you like!