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Neteller Online Roulette Guide For 2022

Payment methods in online gaming are a very crucial part of the gambling industry, it is like a strong pillar binding real money casinos and their customers together. How is this done? Without an online payment method, there is no way a transaction can be done, without that there is no way online casinos would be rewarding. Neteller is one of the most respected payment methods out there, used at online casinos. It also serves as a top deposit and withdrawal means for players in India. The effectiveness and ease is a key reference to what is keeping the company in the market since its inception.


Neteller Online Roulette Guide

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Neteller Pros & Cons

Neteller Pros

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Links one account to another
  • Free to use
  • Low transaction charges
  • Neteller Card
  • Anonymity
  • Cash-out is fast
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Excellent customer service
  • Incredible bonuses

Neteller Cons

  • Details could be stolen
  • Doesn’t represent a bank account 
  • Zero Cross Usability


What Is Neteller

Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods used at casinos, out of 100 casinos you are likely to see 98 with Neteller as part of their verified withdrawal and deposit means. Entering the market in 1999 as a Canada-based online virtual payment platform, Neteller is one of the companies managed by Paysafe Group (also the owner of Paysafecard and Skrill). It makes use of electronic transfers usually involving no banking license and unnecessary bureaucracy, this must be one of the reasons it is especially preferred at online casinos. 

As a progressive company, Paysafe Group takes improvement seriously and that has happened to Neteller continuously in its history as a payment method. Neteller guarantees ease of access that makes its usability appealing. Neteller card allows you the liberty of a master or visa debit card, the charge on transactions’ is one of the lowest.

Neteller as a payment platform has lived up to its name over the years by spreading its wings to many countries, different online casinos and to online games such as online roulette, Baccarat, slots, video poker, craps, to mention but a few. The usage of Neteller is not limited to online gambling, you can also buy, sell, transfer money for keeps, receive money, travel, dates, and run as many services as you want with Neteller. In other words, you can make both local and international transactions with Neteller as the platform supports more than 15 languages in over 100 countries.


How To Set Up A Neteller Online Roulette Account

Using Neteller for gambling at online casinos, you must first of all open an account with Neteller. Your account would then be linked to the online casino account, and that way you can play online roulette games with ease.  Creating an account on Neteller is simple, so follow these steps.

  • Once you log into the official website of the casino, register with your names and passwords. 
  • You would need a funding source (maybe your bank account), and that’s it. 
  • Once you’ve created a Neteller casino online account that is directly linked to a funding source, that same account will be linked to a preferred roulette site accepting Neteller
  • Put money into your casino account using Neteller, money would be remitted into your casino account almost immediately.
  • You can start playing online roulette games after.

Withdrawing Money From A Neteller Online Casino

Remember that to withdraw funds on Neteller casino, means you already have both a Neteller account and a casino account, this was explained in the aforementioned heading. Follow the following steps to withdrawing your wins from a Neteller Casino.

  1. On your favourite roulette casinos search for withdrawal options. You will see multiple payment methods there, just be sure the casino is also accepting Neteller.
  2. Make a withdrawal attempt using Neteller, remember you have to put a certain amount you want to withdraw there. Make sure it is within the casino’s limits
  3. Go through the pages until you are at the section to input your password and username
  4. Press the submit button and wait for it to be verified, this can take one to 24 hours
  5. Withdrawals may also take longer; it depends on the casino you are playing on. Sometimes it depends on the amount you are withdrawing; huge amounts usually take longer to process. This is why it is important to always read terms and conditions.

Neteller Roulette Casinos

In its universality, there are a lot of casinos that accept Neteller as a deposit method for lovers of online roulette. This is because both of the two areas are common as palm lines, you only need to look through online and go for the one that appeals to you the most or go through the roulette bets guide to be sure of what you are into. Either way, Neteller roulette casinos are in 100’s out there, you can also check reviews on sites to be more familiar and register once you are convinced. Neteller casino for real money makes the very essence of Neteller comes to life, when players win their games the reward is cashed out at a Neteller casino.


What Bonuses Are Available When Using Neteller?

Neteller happens to be one of the first payment methods solely for gambling and the number of Neteller casinos out there keeps increasing. Using Neteller to play roulette attracts some welcome bonuses as well as promotions, depending on how generous the casino is. 

Some casinos however have an exclusive Neteller casino bonus. In the same vein, there are so many other payment methods today that also give bonuses and are being used at casinos. Skrill roulette casino is one, Paysafe casino is another. Both Skrill and Paysafe are safe and reliable options to make online payments.


Neteller Safety And Security

One of the things players consider when they are choosing a payment method is the legitimacy of the method. Therefore, it is accurate if you are considering safety before making use of Neteller. Neteller is a trustworthy and legit virtual payment system that makes constant security changes to its site. It is grounded in different anti-fraud features including the SSL bit encryption mode, which makes sure that customer’s information is kept safe and secure always. 

Neteller also supports anonymity, especially the kind you cannot get while using your country’s banking system. your names and information are protected and you do not need to share them with any third party. It is a UK Financial Conduct certified company and this means your money is safe, players are not the only ones watching over it. Discretion in itself is one of the most precious values of Neteller, you have no worries when playing roulette games.

Neteller Customer Support

Apart from being discreet and legit, Neteller provides a means by which customers can reach them for any complaints. If the FAQ section on the site is not serving the purpose of answering the questions you have, you can also get information on other things. These might include how to retrieve your Neteller card if you lost it, how to make withdrawals, or something not relating to this. You can either reach out through the mailing system or telephone support. There is also the option of submitting a form online detailing your queries. All in all, Neteller has provided varieties of ways where players can stay connected to the system.

FAQ's on Neteller Payment Method

Can I use Neteller to gamble?

You can use Neteller for gambling, it is an online payment platform used across gambling casinos. As long as it is a trusted Neteller Casino, you are good.

Is Neteller accepted at all casinos?

No, but a larger number of casinos accept Neteller. Be sure to check out the casino’s method of payment list to know if Neteller is available.

Which casinos accept Neteller?

Many casinos accept Neteller, like Betway, Spin Casino, Royal Panda, Jeetplay, etc.

Can I play Roulette with Neteller?

Yes, you can play roulette games with Neteller as long as the casino you choose has roulette in their list of table games, and is also a casino accepting Neteller.

What is the main benefit of Neteller?

Fast and easy transactions have to be the most important feature of Neteller. Imagine being able to gamble without hassles and bureaucracy? That is Neteller.

How can I Deposit money on Neteller?

Create a Neteller Casino account from her official website, link a funding source (like your bank account), make deposits straight into your Neteller account.


Neteller is playing a good role in making sure wins are rewarded appropriately. Neteller casino online has been doing well right from time as a valid means of payment although it needs to work on some shortcomings. Online Roulette games is a very popular game only second to Baccarat, almost all casinos have a Roulette table game, this should explain its relevance in the online gambling industry. The combination of Neteller and Roulette games (Neteller Roulette) is a nice one that players should try out. Especially if you are looking to have fun and get rewarded at the same time, this is your best bet.