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How to make money at online roulette?

Making money at online roulette is one of the main goals of almost any online gambler. And the good news is that because it is a game where probability plays a key factor, it is possible to play roulette online and win money. 

Today, we want to dedicate this mini-section to explaining how to win money playing online roulette regardless of your level of experience or skill. So let’s get started! 

#1 Know the rules, the table, and the dynamic 

Although it may seem obvious, we have to mention it. You can’t play and expect to win money at roulette if you don’t know the game in depth. In particular, you need to know the types of bets available, the payouts, and the odds of each of them coming up. 

You must also know the different variants (at least the most common ones). The rules and the features that make them unique. 

#2 Try all the betting systems before picking one

There are many betting systems for roulette: Martingale, Oscar’s Grind, James Bond, D’Alembert, 2-1-2, Hi-Lo, etc. Each has a different level of difficulty. Each is characterized by different steps and each will give you different results.

To believe that one is better than another is to believe in fantasy stories. And this is for the simple reason that what works for some may not work for you, and vice versa. 

Go ahead and try every system, even if it’s through free online roulette. Evaluate which one is easier for you and which one gives you the best results and then, yes, you can dare to put it to the test with real money. 

Of course, bear in mind that no method is infallible. Moreover, in some cases, combining the systems and creating your own can give you more results than a pre-designed one. 

#3 Go for live roulette betting rather than online roulette betting

Online roulette is fun and you can win money. But you have to be brutally honest here. The reason why experts prefer live roulette with a real dealer has to do with the fact that there is more fun to be had and more money to be won. 

This is because you can take advantage of rules like La Partage and Prison. In addition, the betting limits can be higher, and there are interesting side bets. Some of them involve betting on a consecutive series and betting that another player at the table will win. 

#4 Always use first the bonuses and other casino promos 

If you’re the kind of person who claims any bonus that comes your way or would ever like to grab one, we’ve got a tip for you. Always use it first! 

This is not on a whim. The reason behind this tip has to do with the wagering requirement of the offer and the expiry date of the offer. 

By using it first, you start to accumulate the value of the wagering requirement and can release your winnings before the deadline expires. 

#6 If you rather the low-risk bettings, opt for external bets 

Outside bets are on color (red or black), single column, high or low, odd or even. These are bets that are arguably safer. 

It is true that the payout is 1 to 1, but the odds are high. And in theory, in each round, the chance of winning is 50% or even more. 

They are low-risk bets where you can win money at online roulette little by little. 

#7 Avoid American roulette almost all the time

This is a classic roulette wheel found in almost all online casinos. And while many like it, the truth is that the house edge is over 5% here. 

And that double zero on the roulette wheel and the board unbalances the chance of you being able to hit and win. Even with betting systems in place and betting only on outside bets, American roulette can still prove to be a bane when it comes to winning some money online. 

#8 Always pick safe and reliable online casinos for Indians 

This is a point that is always emphasized. Choosing a safe, high paying and reliable online casino is key to winning money. 

For a start, both your personal and financial details are at stake when you enter a site. That’s why it should have SSL encryption, a clear policy on the use of cookies, and a clear policy on the privacy of your information. 

It must also have valid and current licensing and security certificates. And it should have external audit seals such as eCogra, iTech Labs, IBIA, EGBA, etc. 

It is also worth mentioning that it must have secure, reliable, varied, and FREE payment methods. This way you won’t have to pay extra fees within the casino to deposit and play. 

Withdrawal methods should be just as varied, safe, and secure and should also allow for express withdrawals. It is important to stress that the casino in question must accept Indian rupees as its main currency, even if it accepts other options such as other currencies and cryptocurrencies. 

An important aspect to mention here is that it must have an alliance with industry-recognized software providers. This way you guarantee that the games are not rigged and that the gaming experience will be the best available at the time. 

One aspect that is not often talked about but is extremely important has to do with the casino’s liquidity. This refers to the site’s ability to make payments to players. 

This can be verified in two ways. The first is by reading up on the site’s payouts to date. And the second is through the withdrawal terms and conditions within the casino.

If they tell you that you can’t withdraw more than you deposit, start to be suspicious, as it means that the casino does not have sufficient liquidity. This means that even if you win money at roulette, it will be difficult (or impossible) to withdraw the money you win.